Flower Beards Are a Thing and That Thing Is Very Real

I get REALLY excited when dudes take serious fashion leaps. And one of the most fun (like by a MILLION MILES most fun) trends I’ve seen for menfolk in a long time is the flower beard. Yes, people, this is happening. Men are putting flowers in their beards and then going out to drink coffee or walk their dogs or whatever it is they do with their fine selves, Then, of course, they’re posting their hairy horticulture on the Internet.

Tumblr is busting out all over with flower beards. All those hipster dudes with lumberjack beards seemed to have all gotten sick of their plain old, ho-hum facial hair at the exact same time, and simultaneously decided that the best thing to do with a bearded face is Coachella-flower-crown the shenanigans out of it.

The history of the flower beard seems a little unclear, though someone recently posted the following pic of their dad flower-bearding it up in 1977.

So flower beards have EXISTED for decades, though it’s only this year that they started verging on becoming A THING.

Now, all these photos seemed to be VERY posed, so I’m not sure if this is just a selfie trend or if these bearded dudes are actually living life with flower power. With some of these flower beards it does seem like it would be a little hard to eat (or, you know, speak) with a whole bunch of petals and pistils covering your mouth. Also I have questions about how well the flowers stay in. Do you just weave those suckers in real good or do you need a little hairspray to hold ’em in or HOW do you do it so all the flowers stay in while you go have your day? I’m inclined to think that this is a trend that so far is hanging out mostly on the internet, as I have yet to see a real life flower beard in the wild (but I am going to keep my eyes PEELED at the next farmer’s market I go to).

Mostly I’m just glad that we’re giving men fun fashion and beauty trends to experiment with. I can’t wait to see what future fashion forecasts are for facial hair.

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