Floss Gloss launched a “lipliner” nail polish that has us ready to pucker up

The latest nail polish from Floss Gloss is here, so you can match your tips to your lips!

The bad girls of the nail game have done it again. Lipliner is their newest shade, a dusty rose creme inspired by the Floss Gloss babes’ favorite lipliner pencil. The over-lined lip trend is everywhere and now it can spread even further…to your hands. The neutral blush shade is a subtle but sexy neutral that will go with any look.

Back in the day, it was a cardinal sin to not match your nail polish to your lipstick shade. In the 1950s, reds like Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow and Fire & Ice were marketed together to reinforce this beauty decree. Obviously, anything goes these days with makeup and nails, but Floss Gloss have brought back the old school concept in a fresh, 2017 way.

Instagrammable AF

FG teased the product’s launch with this hypnotic and weird visual.

The Floss Gloss ladies disclaim in their press release, “this product is not intended for use on face or lips. Floss Gloss Ltd is not responsible for any misuse of the product.” Hey, you never know these days with that Prosecco-flavored nail polish.

When the lipliner subtly fades to an ombre gloss, yassss.

Lipliner was added to the “Santa Faded” set which includes three other shades in a collection inspired by the palette of the Southwest and paintings of Georgia O’Keefe.

Santa Faded Set, $30


It’s also a part of the five-piece Fine Wine collection!

Fine Wine Set (currently on back order)


Buy Lipliner by Floss Gloss on flossgloss.com for $8 a bottle. Hey, it’s Friday so why not?

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