Florida Teen and Her Bestie Work as ‘Frozen’s’ Elsa and Anna Impersonators

Move over Adele Nazeem, there’s a new Elsa in town.

Eighteen-year-old Anna Faith is a dead-ringer for the Frozen ice queen, and she’s decided to make use of it. The Florida-based singer, actress and model recently took up work as an Elsa impersonator and can even be hired to perform at kids’ birthday parties and other functions (she’s pretty amazing too!).

But she didn’t stop there—she got her friend Brittany Dufoe in on the action as well. While Faith’s sister Lexie often accompanies her dressed as Princess Anna, she wasn’t always available. Faith started inviting Dufoe as an alternate. The two recent grads have been making the rounds at elementary schools and kids birthday parties as well as garnering a lot of attention from national media outlets.

The adorable look-alikes upload photos and video footage of their adventures to their Instagram and Twitter profiles and have thousands of loyal followers. “Faith’s Followers,” as the social media fans call themselves, are so enthusiastic about the teen they are waging a campaign to get Faith cast as Elsa in the next season of Once Upon A Time (show runners recently announced that the Ice Queen would be making a future appearance).

Of course, it’s not just about the fame.

On Anna’s website, you’ll find an entire section devoted to ideas for acts of kindness and encouraging others to do something generous each day. Her Instagram bio reads, “I want to inspire people,” and she means it. In a chat with the Orlando Sentinel about her recent visits to a children’s hospital, she says, “We of course do [certain] appearances for free. I just love seeing the kids, and seeing them smile is so special. It’s touching to bring life to a character in front of a child’s eyes.”

The girls are hoping to make a visit soon to Moody Air Force Base in Georgia to help fundraise for a five-year-old cancer patient as well.

Instead of doing what any teenager would normally do over their summer holiday, Faith, Carlson and Dufoe are opting instead to spend it in the service of others. Faith says it’s more than showing up and hearing ooh’s and ah’s—it’s incredibly moving when the children break into tears thinking that she’s the real Ice Queen or when parents share their thanks.

“One family told us that they couldn’t afford to go to Disney and that it meant the world to them for their child to see me dressed as Elsa. Things like that make it all worth it.”

Truly royal behavior indeed.

Featured image via. Images via Instagram/AnnaFaithxoxo & brittlee.xoxo, Anna Faith official website, and Facebook.

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