The “Florida Man Challenge” is going viral, and here’s how to get your Florida “horoscope”

Warning: We’ve officially found your latest time-waster, so apologies in advance if you were planning to be productive today. Something called the “Florida Man Challenge” is officially going viral, and you’re about to spend a lot of time on Google. For the uninitiated, the Florida Man Challenge is simple: Just type “Florida Man” into Google followed by your birthday (year not necessary). The first headline that pops up is your Florida Man “horoscope.

And while this may seem relatively innocuous, people of the internet were quick to realize that the search results are often, well…utterly outrageous.


And the above is literally just the tip of the iceberg.

However, while the Florida Man Challenge might make it seem like Florida is full of a constant stream of bizarre and often violent crimes, there’s actually a legitimate explanation regarding why so many weird stories appear to come out of one state. As Twitter user Jessica Misener explains, Florida has something called the Sunshine Law‚ which means a ton of every day, relatively minor crimes, are on public record (and therefore newspapers can write about them on slow news days). Basically—for better or worse—this zany stuff happens everywhere; it’s just way easier to search for when it happens in Florida.

Now for the important question: What’s your Florida Man horoscope?

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