Florence Pugh Got Fed Up With Her Hair So She Decided to “Just Bieber It”

A little swish to the side and her problems were solved.

We’ve all had those days where our hair will just not cooperate, like, at all. Florence Pugh was having one of those days yesterday, December 28th, and she shared it with her Instagram followers. The blond actress, who is currently sporting bangs, took to her Instagram Stories to make the most of her weird hair day.

With a little bit of old-school Justin Bieber playing in the background, Pugh made a video trying to tame her unruly bangs. On her video, she wrote, “Slightly too much volume on my bangs today.”

She had a fix, though—Just Bieber it.

Oh yes, Pugh really went there. She bopped along to “Baby” by Bieber while she swooped her bangs to the side, not unlike the way the Canadian pop star used to wear his own hair early on in his career. The fix immediately smoothed down some of her volume, leaving her bangs a little more under control.

Florence Pugh

Buuuut she couldn’t just leave it there. Instead she continued to dance to Bieber (it’s very hard not to, we understand) and swished her bangs all around.

In fact, Pugh got really into her restyling methods as her video went on—adding that swishing is addictive.

Florence Pugh

She wrapped up her video—and her new ‘do—by providing a signature Bieber pose looking incredibly pensive with her bangs perfectly swept to the side. All in all, it seems like a fairly easy fix for a bad-bangs day, and we’re low-key hopeful that Pugh will continue to employ this hairstyling method. She’s pretty new to the world of bangs—usually opting for slicked-back hair or all-around waves—but has been rocking the sideswept look for her latest movie, Don’t Worry Darling.

Who would have thought that 10 years down the line, we’d all be turning to Bieber to solve our hair woes? Not only does imitating his 2010 style give us a fix for voluminous bangs, but adding his music into the mix makes for a fun hairstyling sesh. And now we know exactly what our plan of attack will be next time our own hair won’t cooperate. We’ll just Bieber it!

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