We’re Putting Florence Pugh’s Dip-Dyed Lavender Hair on Our Summer Mood Board

It's super subtle but super pretty.

If you’ve been waiting for a signal that summer has officially arrived, Florence Pugh just gave it. While blooming flowers and heatwaves could’ve also been the cue, we think Pugh’s recent hair change is the perfect initiation to the season of spontaneity, lowered inhibitions, and style experimentation. Spotted in a recent post by the actress’ hairstylist, Peter Lux, Pugh is now rocking her blonde hair with dip-dyed silvery lavender ends. Making the look even more summer-perfect, Lux gave Pugh those effortless beachy waves we constantly crave.

“Loving this soft, wavy texture on the gorgeous @florencepugh accentuating the bone structure with those gentle curves in the hair around the face,” he wrote, alongside a headshot featuring the actress’ new look.

Now that we’re aware of Pugh’s half-lavender locks, we can see that she’s been rocking the look for a while now. She appears to have first posted a photo of her dip-dyed hair back in early April, subtly revealing her new look with a selfie captioned “Summer colours are coming out.. ????.” However, since we were unknowing at the time, we thought she was simply talking about her bold, multi-colored Farm Rio dress (which is available to shop for $240).

Pugh’s colored hair is also subtly featured in another selfie she posted later that month. In this one, her dog distracted us all from her dyed ends. “Add ‘chin tickling’ to my list of special skills,” she wrote, alongside a selfie of her cuddling with her dog (who appears to be in chin-tickling heaven).

Since dip-dyeing is one of the most non-commital ways to dye your hair (because, if you don’t like it, you can just cut it off), we’re seriously considering copying Pugh’s look for some summer fun of our own. After all, it’s playful and bold yet still subtle enough that our Instagram followers might not even notice it until months later.

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