Florence + The Machine’s online book club is, like, the best thing ever

As if Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine wasn’t cool enough: not only does she visit teens in hospices, but she works with teens to run one of the largest online book clubs we’ve heard of! That’s right, Florence isn’t just an amazing singer and philanthropist, she’s a reader.

The story begins back in 2012, when 14-year-old Leah Moloney saw this tweet and photo from Florence:

Realizing Florence was a fellow bonafide bibliophile, Moloney tweeted back: false

As Moloney told The Guardian:

Well, much to Moloney’s surprise, Florence replied.

Within a week, the star was promoting the club at a show in Indianapolis, flaunting the book on stage in the city where, coincidentally, the first club choice – Opposed Positions by Gwendoline Riley – was set. At the show, Florence announced the book club’s name – Flow’s Book Club, or Between Two Books. “I don’t understand the internet, so I could get that a bit confused,” Florence joked.

Years have passed, and Between Two Books is stronger than ever with over 40,000 Instagram followers. Together, the book club has read over eighteen books, which range in tastes from the satiric A Confederacy of Dunces to Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids. All genres are on the table, even poetry!

And other celebrities have joined Florence and Moloney’s book club party, including Lena Dunham:

Even Brie Larson signed up

“It’s all very fluid and organic collaboration,” Moloney told The Guardian, and it sure feels that way. Despite the book club’s massive size, Between Two Books lacks any sort of specific structure and remains fan-run, making it easier to adapt to their star’s erratic schedule. Everyone posts when they are available, and Welch’s involvement ranges from posting pictures of what she’s reading to hosting charity fundraisers or even interviewing writer Donna Tartt:

Florence takes her book club seriously, spreading her joy of books by challenging her fans to read as much as they can:

Or hosting some fun writing projects:

Thanks to Between Two Books, Florence Welch is the purveyor of not just fantastic songs, but engaging reads. We cannot wait to see what she recommends next.

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