People are decorating their Christmas trees with flowers and they’re absolutely gorgeous

Decorating your Christmas tree (or New Year’s tree, or Hanukkah bush, or whatever holiday spirit you want your tree to express) is an art. Draping the tree with a handful of colorful bulbs and tinsel isn’t as easy at it looks, OK? And sometimes, you just wanna do something different.

Such as decorating your real or fake pine tree with flowers, like A GIGANTIC, MERRY BOUQUET.

That’s right. Flora on flora. It’s a thing, and it’s refreshingly beautiful, and we can’t stop staring.

So if you’re over hanging ornaments on your big ‘ole handsome tree, why don’t you just dress it up with flowers ?

Floral Christmas trees can be as simple as you want them to be…

…Or as over-the-top as your lil’ heart desires.

Throw on some lights, and voila!

(Images via Instagram, Twitter)