Astronaut’s floating coffee spheres are the coolest way to drink coffee

Every time I walk into a fancy coffee shop, I’m amazed by how much equipment goes into brewing a perfect cup. Yet beyond French presses and drip things and glass contraptions, I have no idea what makes an exciting cup of coffee.

I do know that astronaut Jack Fischer’s floating coffee balls seem utterly delightful.

Fischer, who’s currently working on the International Space Station, regularly posts about his space food adventures.

He recently spoke to a group of elementary school students via NASA TV, and he shared his favorite coffee trick.

“I love coffee on Earth,” Fischer shared, “But in space, I get to make balls out of it…and then suck the balls. Very cool.”

We’re not gonna lie, the actual image itself is… kind of gross? But the idea of slurping your morning cuppa down as suspended spheres is so strange and awesome that it goes back to being cool.

Fischer, a sci-fi foodie, clearly, actually tweeted about floating coffee balls before:

Now it’s gotten me thinking about other cool ways of eating other mundane food. Playing (very slow) darts with French fries! The impossibility of trying to mix foods when they’re all floating! These are all just reminders that space is cool as hell, clearly.