Flirt Cosmetics came out with a new version of their awesome lash applicator that is perfect for holiday makeup lewks

If you have ever found yourself weeping (or screaming) with frustration because you couldn’t figure out the beauty-related science of false eyelash application, you no longer have to be sad. Flirt Cosmetics released their new lash applicator with your personal struggle in mind.

When Amber Rose gave us the scoop on Flirt Cosmetics, and her helpful decision to invent a self-application tool for false eyelashes, we immediately felt understood and comforted. It was like Amber was wrapping us up in a blanket of understanding and whispering, “There, there child, I’ll help your makeup look decent.”

For the holidays, Flirt Cosmetics released their new #HolidayFlashes eyelash dispenser/applicator, so you can reach festive capacity with red and green eyelashes.

They even posted a holiday tutorial for those of us that need extra help.

Of course, nobody’s forcing you to take the plunge into red and green eyelash land, the classic black lashes are always on the table.

The makeup tool looks like a tape dispenser, but it’s much prettier and it helps us go from slob to super fab!

Truly, though, we’d be hard-pressed to find a more committed holiday look than applying red and green lashes for Christmas dinner. Regardless of how smoothly and evenly you get those lashes on, it’s a bold and respectable move.

Plus, they’re very cute.

The joyful nature of the Instagram photos alone are enough to sell us on them.

You can purchase the holiday Party Flashes on the Flirt Cosmetics website for $28!

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