This Facebook video of someone flipping a pancake has made everyone uncomfortable

By now, we’re sure just about everybody has caught onto the pancake art trend. It’s one of the most simple yet thrilling things you can ever see in a Youtube video — it combines both the addictive properties of those Facebook videos that we always watch that show us how to cook and the awe-inspiring talent of videos of artists at work. Literally the best of both worlds. But we’ve finally found the One Pancake to Rule Them All.

Check out the video below. Make sure you watch it all the way to the end — you’re definitely not going to be disappointed by the reveal.

Just kidding, you’re totally disappointed and we actually want to physically fight the person who made this? Seriously, we sat here watching this video as it automatically replayed on Facebook for so long we’re pretty sure it’s the year 3000 and we all live under water. (JoBros reference? No? Did we just date ourselves? Oh well.) Posted on Saturday, the video already has 21 million (agonized) views.

Anyway, here’s some REAL pancake art to focus on so you stop wondering what really was on the other side of that pancake. (This seems like the start of a ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ joke…)

Still thinking about that first video, though, aren’t you? YEAH SAME.

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