Flipagram’s new update lets you make your own music video on your phone

Flipagram has released a new feature that lets you lip sync to tons of songs in real-time. That’s right: Now we can make music videos for an entire song in Flipagram. Woohoo! Now’s the time to let out your inner Jimmy Fallon lipsync battle genius. Just update the app and use the Music Video Camera option to make your very own music video.

Carly Rae Jepsen, everyone’s favorite bubblegum pop princess, is Flipagram’s Artist of the Month for September. You can see her Flipagram encouraging us to record our own E·MO·TION -inspired Flips! (E·MO·TION is Carly Rae’s amazing new album, ICYMI.)

There are already lots of fun ways to use Flipagram, as you probably already know. You can channel Mindy Kaling being adorbs, as usual, as seen below.

Or, with the new update, you can make music videos with your dog, like this awesome girl did:

However you use it, we’re happy to have another tool in our selfie-quest for music video stardom!

(Images via iStock and Flipagram.)

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