The famed Flintstone house is for sale! Any takers?

Rad real estate alert! A house known as the Flintstone House is currently on the market in Hillsborough, California, with a whopping $4.2 million price tag. Although not officially linked to the iconic Bedrock family, the one-of-a-kind look that has made the house a landmark and it’s definitely very reminiscent of the cartoon Flintstone’s house. It’s also very obvious why listing agent Judy Meuschke told Curbed that the house is “a piece of art.”

The 3-bedroom house was built in 1976 and designed by William Nicholson as a way to test innovative building materials.  The house was immediately popular, with some calling it the Barbapapa House after the 1970s children’s books of the same name. But with the rust orange color of the house today, the Flintstone House definitely feels spot-on. The circular appearance gives an almost cartoon like impression, plus its location in the wooded hills makes it feel straight out of the Hanna-Barbera Stone Age.

“It’s really a piece of art,” Meuschke told Curbed. “It has amorphous windows and an almost Southwestern style. The owner has a fantastic art and furniture collection.”

But the unique design doesn’t stop on the exterior. The inside is just as crazy, with rounded edges and one of the most eclectic kitchens I’ve ever seen. But check out that skylight in the bedroom. #HouseGoals.

Sadly, casual observers who aren’t serious about dropping $4.2 million on the property won’t have a chance to see the house up close. The current owner is private, and although Meuschke has received a lot of calls about the house, she’s vetting candidates carefully.

But whoever does end up buying the house, just know we are super jealous.

(Images via, Twitter)


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