Flight attendants reveal why you shouldn’t take off your shoes on flights

Two anonymous flight attendants just sounded off to Men’s Health on all the insider info you’ve been dying to know about flying.

One that has us stunned is why you should stop taking your shoes off on planes. Say what?

On long flights, our feet always swell and become uncomfortable. Even if you don’t walk around the plane, we always thought it was normal to go without shoes while in our seats.

Flight attendants say otherwise.

"And don't walk around without shoes. Every bodily fluid has been on the floor," flight attendant Randy tells Men's Health. "That's why you see dark blue on a plane — the seats and our uniforms. It doesn't show stains."

He cautioned against walking around without shoes, but what if our socked feet touch the carpet beneath our seat?!!?!? Still bad??? *Never takes shoes off on a flight ever again.*

Here’s some other mind-blowing insider info we learned from the article:

Don’t eat on the tray table.

“Don’t eat directly off the tray table. People change diapers and clip toenails on it,” says Randy.

Don’t be annoying or you’ll be blacklisted.

“If people are up and being annoying, we’ll have the pilot turn on the seat belt sign. And we can have a note placed in your file,” says Randy. That “note” will forever haunt you as “guy who paced up the aisles for five hours.”

The coffee is weak.

“The coffee’s caffeinated, but it’s not going to be [like] Starbucks,” says flight attendant Elaine. “When we brew coffee for ourselves, sometimes we’ll ‘double bag’ it — add extra grounds. We don’t do that for passengers.”

The phone warning isn’t really a warning.

“I’ll deny it, but everyone is on the phone right up to takeoff, even the flight attendants,” says Elaine. “So just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Next time you fly, remember to wipe down your tray table and keep your shoes on!