This flight attendant just recreated Britney’s “Toxic,” and we’ll love it till the world ends

There is absolutely no denying that Britney Spears’s “Toxic” is an iconic music video. Packed with chic futuristic fashion, crazy spy motorcyle chases, and, of course, the famous bedazzled bodysuit, it’s got a lot going for it.

Plus, it’s inspired a lot of copycats.

Like a cover in one of Glee‘s Britney Spears-inspired episodes. Or Ashley Tisdale’s unplugged “Toxic” take. Both of which were absolutely amazing, BTW.

But that’s not it. A flight attendant is also taking on Britney’s “Toxic”. And he’s absolutely slaying that choreo.

His name is Assraf Nasir and, in his flight attendant uniform and on an actual jet, he’s strutting his stuff up and down the aisle.

The video was originally shared by Twitter user @FarhanRzman and has over 4,600 retweets.

A copy shared by Liam Deenan on Facebook is going viral with over 10 million views, more than 160,000 reactions, and 93,000 comments.

The caption on it is is SO us.

And, just for comparison, the original video.

We know exactly how Nasir feels. The second Brit-Brit comes on in the club, our bodies are moving along without our permission entirely. And once we give in, we’re doing every step we’ve learned so carefully over the years.

We gotta say, though. This guy’s moves might be even better than Britney’s! Where do we learn to shake our hips like that?

With just a little more practice, we’ll be ready to unleash our inner Brit-Brit.

Maybe one day we’ll be as good as this guy!

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