This menstrual health startup just raised millions and proves your period doesn’t have to suck

Newsflash: About half the world’s population gets a period every month. But even though women have been dealing with Aunt Flo since the beginning of time, innovations in menstrual health care has stalled for decades — leaving us with chemical-ridden, uncomfortable products that can cause serious infections. Gross.

Does this sound just plain stupid to anyone?

Lauren Schulte and Erica Jensen thought so too. That’s why they founded The Flex Company, which makes flexible menstrual discs as an alternative to tampons.

According to their website, Flex’s disposable discs sit at the base of the cervix, warming with body heat to create a comfortable, custom fit. Unlike tampons, they catch the blood instead of absorbing it, and (GET THIS) can be worn during swimming and sex.

Schulte told Forbes:

“I started losing sleep because I couldn’t figure out why no one was trying to make something better for women, recalling what led her to leave an 11-year marketing career to found Flex.

Flex’s mission, Schulte says, is to revolutionalize the feminine health industry – and prove a woman’s period doesn’t need to totally suck.

“In the last 80 years, we’ve put a man on the moon, we’ve invented television, we’ve invented the internet, we’ve mapped the human genome, and we’ve still seen no change,” she said. “The tampons that were made in the 1930s are still by and large the same product that we use today.”


The Flex Company is still small: Forbes reports Schulte and Jensen shipped products to their first 20,000 customers. Since then, the company raised $3 million in investments, which means you’ll (hopefully) be hearing a lot more from them soon.

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