This flawless 86-year-old bride is #weddinggoals personified

There are few moments where women can look forward to having all eyes on them as they take advantage of their own special day. For many, their wedding days are that time to shine. And we think the world has found the most glorious bride of all time in this 86-year-old woman whose beauty has flawlessly shut down the Internet on her wedding day.

As People writes, Millie Taylor-Morrison’s love story is one that will melt anyone’s heart. She married her husband Harold Morrison on October 16 more than six decades after they first met. The now-couple tied the knot after Millie was married to her previous husband, who passed away after 41 years of marriage. After reconnecting with Harold (who attended her first wedding), the two reunited after meeting each other again at Millie’s new church.

Besides her fairy-tale love story of finding love late in life, Millie's wedding pictures prove that she is an incredibly beautiful (and flawless, we'l say it again) woman -- especially in her purple wedding dress that she designed herself!

After a family friend shared the gorgeous photo on Facebook, it was liked over 19,000 times and shared more than 4,500 times.

The New Jersey couple made it through sickness and health on their way to the altar this month after Harold battled an illness, and Millie’s extended family of children and grandchildren were there to celebrate. Tying the knot in front of 200 family and friends at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, Millie and Harold’s special day was a dream come true.

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