Ellen Page, Diego Luna, and Nina Dobrev head into the afterlife in this eerie “Flatliners” trailer

We knew that the reboot of 1990’s Flatliners would be pretty intense, and we were right because this first trailer for the new Flatliners already has us questioning reality.

The trailer features Ellen Page, Diego Luna, and Nina Dobrev as curious medical students who experiment with the afterlife. Similar to the original movie, they want to know what happens after you die. So, they attempt to control their own mortality by stopping their hearts and, eventually, being revived.

The problem is, they keep tempting death more and more by flatlining for longer periods of time.

Despite the fact that it seems fun at first, strange things start happening — and some of their sins come back to haunt them in very real ways. Oh, and they also may have accidentally opened an otherworldly portal into a dark and scary afterlife that begins to haunt them in their own reality. NBD.


Interestingly, though he’s set to reprise his role as Nelson — he starred in the original movie, alongside Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, and Oliver Platt — Kiefer Sutherland is nowhere to be found in this trailer. So, is there a big reveal to be made here? We certainly hope so.

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Flatliners is set to come out September 29th. So, if you’re looking to jumpstart the Halloween season with a scary, mind-melding flick — we know we’re not the only ones who think about Halloween all year — this might do just the trick.

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