There is a “Flashdance”-themed eyeshadow palette and it is as amazing as it sounds

Let’s take a journey together to the not-so-distant past. Close your eyes and picture yourself in some purple leg warmers, a leotard cut up to there, a glorious waft of curls atop your head, and welding equipment. That’s right, we’re talking about 1983’s Flashdance right now. I can hear Irene Cara’s beautiful voice floating through the air and have visions of Jennifer Beals dancing in the moonlight.

If you’ve ever thought that perhaps it’s time that someone honor Flashdance and, specifically, the amazing looks the film inspired then look no further than Sola Look’s new Flashdance eyeshadow palette!

For a cool $32, you too can take that journey, or at least your face can!

How great are these colors?

These shades are super rich and vibrant, and are a perfect throwback to this gem of a film. They’ve got some serious pigmentation, so your eyes will stand out and be noticed. AND they just so happen to be the perfect shades for fall! What more could you ask for?

The packaging is also totally adorable, with some iconic picture’s of the film’s stars.

I spent a lot of trying cutting up sweatshirts trying to get them to look like that, but I just never pulled it off the way Beals could. At least now my eyeballs can do their best impression! Join me in watching her cut up the dance floor in the iconic last scene of the film.

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