This gorge flashback photo Dita Von Teese posted from the ’90s proves she just does not age

While all of us mere mortals are sharing our (pretty much embarrassing) throwbacks on social media, Dita Von Teese has posted a ’90s flashback on her Instagram that proves she does not age. What is her secret?! Did she meet a vampire down in New Orleans? Or perhaps she is secretly a mannequin from a department store? Okay, okay, we’ve been watching too many movies. Seriously, though, the burlesque-turned-designer is so stunning, no matter the decade.

Dita has been on stage since 1992 and she doesn’t look a day over 20! Prior to that, she was a dancer during her teenage years. The amount of discipline and care she has taken for herself is both jaw-dropping and inspiring!

Dita’s recent throwback photo was from Playboy magazine issue in the ’90s. Back then, she was already collecting custom made outfits, including the pink and black striped corset she’s wearing in the image. Apparently, there was a huge bow on the rear end of the waist hugging ensemble. Of course, the burlesque queen paired her hot pink corset with black velvet gloves.

We don’t quite understand how Dita is 44 years old! She must have stopped time or found a fountain of youth! One thing is for sure, she is not done in the spotlight!

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