Here’s how to fix your super-damaged hair

Of course we all love the wonderful rainbow hair trend that has been going around for the past few months. In fact, we love the pastel hair and the silver hair and the any-hair that makes you feel like a beauty queen and/or a mermaid. However, because we are responsible human beings, it is to be noted that doing anything drastic to your hair —especially something that requires bleaching it — can be preeetttyyyy damaging. Because, as we know, bleach has a tendency to ruin stuff, and that stuff includes hair. Bleached hair can turn dry and brittle, and it can also invite all of the split ends.

Here’s what pastel and rainbow hair looks like, by the way. Ain’t it magical?

I have not had rainbow hair, but I did rock a very Rashida-Jones-esque hair color this summer and I’ll tell you what —that blonde did something fierce to my hair. (And not fierce like Bey. Fierce like splits everywhere.) Have you ever wondered why your hair gets so hay-like after bleaching it? Well, according to the Huffington Post, bleaching your hair actually raises your hair’s outer cuticles, basically causing it to fray and break. Don’t worry, though. Your gorgeous summer hairstyle won’t ruin your hair’s life. There are ways to fix it.

Restore moisture

Yeah, it may seem obvious to some of us, but when your hair is dry, you really, really, REALLY need to moisturize it. Think of when your skin or lips are dry and you put lotion or chapstick on, but for your hair! There are a million ways to do this. Buzzfeed has great suggestions for at-home hair masks you can do to let your poor little hairs suck up some delicious moisture. If you aren’t into hair masks, grab some coconut oil —it’s budget-friendly, smells great, and WORKS.

Protect your hair

This is a good tip for anyone and any time, not just when your hair has recently been bleached and dyed. According to the Huffington Post, chemically lightened hair is more likely to be affected by the hard work you put into your hair to make it look perfect every day. Investing in a heat protectant (before you blow dry, straighten, or curl) is going to really help your already sensitive hair. This spray by Tresemme is effective AND affordable.

Invest in hair-care products

If you have a personal recommendation from your hair stylist, go that route. If you don’t, there are plenty of great hair-care products to invest in. Do a little internet research and find what works best for you. Our personal faves are anything by Moroccan Oil, and Bumble and Bumble.

Be gentle

According to Allure, once you know your hair is damaged, being gentle with your daily routine is very important. Blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair is just adding more heat and more dryness to your hair. You do not have to give it all up, but not cranking the heat on your wands is going to be a huge help.

Condition forever

Conditioning after you shower might be a foreign concept for some of us, but it can be a real lifesaver. Most of us shampoo, condition, and then get on out of the shower. Why don’t you try what Elle suggests and try conditioning, getting out of the shower, blow drying, and then rinsing? It may seem like an extra step, but it could be worth it for your hair’s health.

No matter what  you do, if you have questions, consult your hair stylist. Dying your hair is super fun, but it can definitely be damaging. I was determined to look like Rashida Jones this summer and even though it totally worked (if I do say so myself!), my hair has never been so full of split-ends. I am dying it back to my normal dark soon, but I will be sure to take better care of it in the long run.

Hair care is important, y’all. Happy dying!

Featured image via Instagram