This five-year old just blew our minds by perfectly recreating a Bruce Lee scene

Everyone knows that Bruce Lee was one of the most beloved and influential martial artists of all time, but as it turns out, there’s a five-year old Japanese boy who is hot on the legend’s tail.

Little Ryusei is a HUGE Bruce Lee fan, and he just PERFECTLY recreated one of the scenes from Lee’s martial arts film “Game of Death” on YouTube, with NUNCHUKS no less. Also amazing, his miniature yellow track suit, identical to Lee’s

Of course, we get a little nervous seeing a kindergarten-aged dude with a pair of nunchuks, but after watching Ryusei expertly wield those sticks, who we’re really nervous for are any baddies that get in Ryusei’s way.

Watch in wonder as Ryusei NAILS this recreation of a Bruce Lee scene:

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