Here’s why these five sisters planned an epic photoshoot in their wedding dresses

Remember the Friends episode with all the wedding dresses?

If Monica, Phoebe and Rachel watching television and drinking beer in bridal white taught us anything, it’s that a wedding dress-wearing should be a group activity. Seriously, we should all bag ourselves a wedding dress and then just hang out. I’m so on board with this.

Five sisters in San Jose, California, did that very thing recently. Well, sort of. Lindsay, Becky, Kelly, Cassie, and Jamie dressed up in their wedding gowns and had an epic five-brides-in-one photo shoot. They gave the super gorgeous photos to their parents as a thank you for supporting their marriages and for financing all those weddings. (Because as anyone who has seen a single episode of Say Yes to the Dress knows, the Big Day can be super-pricey.)

The sisters made the most of the occasion. Because really, how often do you get to spend the day in Vera Wang? They all had their hair done together in the morning and then wedding photographer Rachel Blackwell took the stunning shots. Rachel was the photographer for two of the sisters’ actual weddings (Cassie and Jamie). Cassie approached her with the idea for the amazing photo shoot right before Jamie’s wedding in June. Rachel told Buzzfeed, “She pitched me the idea about six months before Jamie’s wedding, and we put the shoot on the calendar for one week after, like the day after she came home from her honeymoon.”

Wearing the dresses again brought back a lot of happy memories. Rachel said, “They all helped zip each other up and were talking about their own wedding days.”

This photo she took of the sisters posing with their original wedding photos gives us all the feels.

All five girls even wore their original wedding shoes. (And wow, nice choices. We’re loving the pops of color.)

Of course, when you’re wearing a wedding dress, there comes a point where you just have to kick off your shoes and have a good time.

We have to say, not only was this a beautiful and thoughtful gift for their parents, but it looks these sisters had ridiculous amounts of fun. They even went to Starbucks and got coffee. In their wedding dresses, guys. All of the yes!

And OF COURSE they recreated our favorite scene from Friends.

That settles it. I’m going full-on Monica and binge watching Netflix today in a wedding dress.

Who’s in?


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[All photos via Rachel Blackwell Photography, with permission.]

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