5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Emilia Clarke

In honor of last night’s season four premiere of Game of Thrones, I think we need to talk about why we absolutely adore Emilia Clarke! Honestly, I didn’t even know who Emilia was until I binge watched through two seasons of Game of Thrones last year. Inevitably, I fell in love! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally obsessed with her, and here are some reasons why you probably are too:

1. She plays some of our favorite female characters

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you KNOW Khaleesi is a force to be reckoned with. She is tough, honest and come on, who else can pull off that hair? She is a female powerhouse ready to take the throne. Plus, she has baby dragons who will blow fire in the face of anyone that tries to stop her (how cool).  Emilia also just recently sparked a lot of buzz since she is currently starring as none other than Holly Golightly in Broadway’s adaptation of Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I mean, if that doesn’t scream “YOU’RE AMAZING,” I don’t know what does. And soon, she’ll be the new face of Terminator!

2. She has a super down-to-earth personality

No matter what interview I read of hers, I always end with a “Wow, she’s so sweet!” thought in my head. I can’t, but feel like I can totally relate! On Jimmy Fallon, she admitted to doing the funky chicken in front of the Game of Thrones producers to win over the role as the beloved Daenerys Targaryen. So silly!

3. Like us (and everyone, really), she’s a huge Girls fan

When Emilia was featured in GQ last year, she revealed to reader’s just what she would be willing to do to land a role (no matter how small) on Girls:

Don’t worry, us too, Emilia.

4. She DOMINATED awards season

It’s post-awards season, and I can’t think of one dress Emilia wore that I didn’t absolutely LOVE! Even now, she is still completely owning her outfit choices. She was seen wearing Donna Karan last month at the Game of Thrones premiere in New York, and she looked absolutely flawless.

5. She’s worked with some serious A-list actors, and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping

You would think a hit show and Broadway would be a lot to handle for a gal. Emilia isn’t even close to slowing down! She is set to be the new face of Terminator: Genesis, and she just recently starred alongside (my fave) Jude Law in Dom Hemingway. She had nothing but amazing things to say about working with him (we can only imagine, Emilia).

Personally, I cannot WAIT to see what’s next for her. Until then, I’ll continue to admire from the other side of the television (or stage).

Daryss Calveiro is 21 years-old and is currently living in sunny Miami, FL. She’s a junior pursuing an Accounting degree. In her spare time, she likes to succumb to her unhealthy obsession with pop culture.  You can keep up with Daryss on Twitter or Instagram @_deee.

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