Five kittens, one kid — total adorableness

You’ve probably heard the expression “it’s like herding cats,” which is basically used to describe any attempt at managing total chaos. Like say, trying to prevent people from singing along at a Taylor Swift concert. Or actually herding cats, as one little boy tried to do in a new video posted to YouTube.

Spoiler alert: Things didn’t go so well. In his own words, he had a real ‘situation’ on his hands.

We’re not sure what the exact circumstances are here. (Do these kittens belong to his family, or did they just randomly appear his backyard? Because if they did, we’re way jealous.) Only one thing is certain: The poor kid is a tad outnumbered.

Five kittens is a lot of kittens, you guys. Especially when you’re trying to get them all to stay on the same blanket. After all, humans only have two hands. At first, our kitten wrangler picks up the cats one at a time. When things start getting out of control, he goes for the one-in-each-hand approach. But that still leaves three kittens unattended, and they’re not too chill with staying put. The grass is greener and all that.

“We’ve got a situation,” he yells, clearly exasperated. Then “two situations!” “Three situations!” And finally, “ALL THE SITUATIONS.” (Endless cat with heart eyes emojis!)

Check out the kitten situation below. It’s all the adorable.

(Image and video via YouTube.)