This fitness video set to a Meghan Trainor song is the most fabulous workout we’ve ever seen

There are two types of people in this world: those that love working out and people who do all they can to avoid it. It’s hard to find an exercise that doesn’t make you feel like you’re going to die, but also does its job and helps you work off all those Swedish Berry Oreos we’ve all been eating.

That’s why we’re all doing jazz-hands from excitement after finding this workout video that isn’t only the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s also motivating us to get off our butts and move.


This confidence boosting jam is courtesy of Caleb Marshall, aka, The Fitness Marshall, who makes videos set to pop songs and creating sexy, fun and calorie-burning dance routines to go with it.


He shouts out the moves and changes while keeping up with his two incredible dancers behind him and he shouts motivational phrases like, “now let the spirit take over your body,” because he knows what gets us moving.

The fitness guru has amassed a huge following from posting videos of his routines that always make us sweat and smile simultaneously, which never happens.


His fitness routine will not only get you moving so you can feel and look better, you’ll have a new trick to bust out the next time you hear Trainor’s “Me Too” on the speakers at the grocery store.