Why this fitness star majorly regrets her Bikini Body Guide

Fitness star Kayla Itsines is known for her “Bikini Body Guide,” a workout and diet plan meant to help women get healthier and fitter. However, in spite of this program’s success, Kayla has one regret.

Do I regret calling my guides Bikini Body? My answer is yes,” the 25-year-old told Bloomberg.

Kayla is sorry that she named her guides this because, according to Elle, she doesn’t feel that a specific body type should be labelled a “bikini body.” Instead, when it comes down to it, all bodies are bikini bodies. That’s why Kayla decided to change the name of her fitness empire when she released her app. Now, her guides are called Sweat with Kayla.

“Sweat is so empowering. I love that,” Itsines explained.

It’s also important to note the Kayla works to control her image, only putting out the content she wants the world to see. Bloomberg pointed out that the young woman has never shared her own “before” photo online. She will also decline magazine photoshoot offers because she isn’t allowed to have control over her look. Kayla stated, “They’ll say, ‘We’ll put you in tiny, tight booty shorts, make you look really fitnessy!’ No.

As she distances herself from the phrase “bikini body,” it seems that Kayla is trying to take on the role of a life coach for many women. She now incorporates inspirational messages into the content she posts on her social accounts and into her in-person workout classes.

Seeing that Kayla has made all of these body-positive, inclusive changes, we’re interested to see if other “bikini body” advocates do the same. Because – we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – all bodies are bikini bodies.

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