Fitbit recorded the moment this guy’s heart broke

Fitbits are an awesome tool for staying on top of your health since they track pretty much everything you do during the day, including your steps, your calorie loss, and, as Israeli law student Koby Soto learned, your break-ups. He recounted the whole story to Buzzfeed, revealing that the fitness device’s abilities go well beyond what we thought.

Koby and his boyfriend were planning a night in when, a few hours before, his boyfriend called to cancel.

“He said that we’re going to have to cancel, and I said ‘Why?’ and he said, ‘Things are not working as they should,’” Koby explained. “I said, ‘Are you serious? You’re doing this over the phone?’”

Like anyone going through a sudden breakup, Koby spent the rest of the day in a state of distress. In fact, when he met up with a friend that evening, he explained that he couldn’t study or sleep or focus on anything. He pulled up the app connected to his Fitbit to prove it, assuming that his heart rate at that moment would be pretty high, and ended up discovering something totally unexpected.

Although he hadn’t worked out, his Fitbit Charge HR had been tracking his heart rate all day, and when it came to the time of the break-up, his heart rate dramatically jumped, pinpointing the exact moment that his heart was broken. His levels remained elevated all afternoon, only dipping down in the evening when the immediate stress had worn off.

This was so crazy that Koby had to share it on Twitter:

Although Koby hadn’t planned on capturing his break-up, he does think it’s kind of cool. “I feel like it’s nice to have a log of your confirmation of what you felt. You can tell people you have heartbreak and you feel bad,” he said. “People become less cynical once you show them the numbers or once you show the data or graphs. Everyone understands heartbreak, right? Everyone’s felt it. When you have this, it’s interesting — you have something to show.”

We hope that Koby’s heart heals quickly, and when it does, he’ll have the numbers to prove it.

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