Almost too cute to process: Here are the first weeks of a baby bunny’s life

Ashraful Arefin, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a professional fine arts photographer. Lucky for us, he’s also the pet parent to several adopted bunnies! Last year, he began photographing his adorable rabbits, and—because the internet loves all things furry and adorable—the response was overwhelmingly positive. Natch. Arefin’s bunny photos might be the sweetest things we’ve ever set our eyeballs on.

So when Aarefin’s bunny, Tooni, gave birth to a litter of babies (as rabbits often do), he decided to document the magic of the babies’ first weeks. As he tells 500pxISO, “I wanted to capture the moments I’ve passed with them from their birth. Each and every day was so memorable and full of happiness, I just wanted to keep a souvenir through my photos.”

This is Tooni, the little bunny mama. Isn’t she just precious?

Tooni had four baby bunnies in total, all girls. Arefin photographed two of them, Totoro and Chihiro, from the time they were six days old until their one month birthday. On Bored Panda, Arefin wrote, “Each and every day from their birth was special to me. Watching them growing up everyday, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet… everything was just so special and magical to me!”

Magical indeed! The results of the photographic experiment are absolutely the cutest things we’ve ever seen. Plus it’s really astounding to see how much an infant bunny changes from day to day. Awww. They grow up so fast, don’t they? 

Caution: Viewing these images may cause your brain to explode into candy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The photographer hopes that these pictures will make people smile and see just how special bunnies are. I think we can safely consider that mission accomplished. As Aerfin says, “Bunnies are wonderful animals – they have emotions and compassion like us humans, and I’ve felt it.”

[Images via 500pxISO, BoredPanda and Facebook with permission from the photographer]