This couple finally took wedding pictures for their 70th anniversary, and our hearts can’t take it

Ferris and Margaret Romaire recently celebrated a beautiful milestone — seven decades of marriage. When the high school sweethearts tied the knot in 1946, they didn’t have a photographer — so, this time around, their granddaughter Amanda Kleckley planned a photo shoot for the couple’s 70th wedding anniversary, and the pictures are just as sweet as you’d imagine.

Ferris, 90, dressed in a tux and Margaret, 89, wore a lavender gown and veil for these incredibly special anniversary photos. They sipped celebratory champagne and their ear-to-ear smiles in the photos are definitive proof that pictures are worth a thousand words -- and true love exists in real life, not just fairy tales.

The couple’s photographer, Lara Carter, asked Ferris and Margaret for some words of wisdom about how to make a marriage thrive.

Ferris emphasized the importance of mutual respect and giving each other space, and they each lovingly joked about how apologies are sometimes necessary — even if they don't actually think they're wrong. “If a problem came up they solved it. It was more important to compromise and move on than to be right," Carter told The Huffington Post. "Two was always better than one!


The Romaires still reside in their hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana and live in the same house where they raised their four children. The couple, who now has eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, prioritize shared values over material goods — specifically, a strong faith, devotion to their children, and a sense of humor.

The Romaire couple is officially our new #RelationshipGoals.

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