The first real teaser trailer for ‘Twin Peaks’ is here and it will haunt you

It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster for those of us who are shamelessly obsessed with Twin Peaks—ya know, the quirky two-season show from the early ’90s about a small Northwestern town where really, really strange things happen, and the owls are not what they seem? Yeah, that one. And now? There’s finally a REAL teaser trailer to get us pumped for it.

When Showtime announced the return of the show in 2016, we may or may not have immediately run out to have some celebratory coffee and cherry pie. And then we were saddened when we heard that the show’s release date was pushed until 2017. But we came to terms. Sorta. We’ve had very few glimpses into the future fates of Dale Cooper, Deputy Andy, Audrey Horne, and all of our favorite Peaks residents.  And with the loss of Catherine Coulson (the beloved “Log Lady”), us Peaks fans are sitting around wondering what will happen next (it’s as though Bob in charge of all of this?!). When will the sadness end?

But then David Lynch and Mark Frost gave us the best holiday gift possible: a new teaser trailer. And while it’s brief, it gave us major chills. We get to see the first glimpse of the gorgeous waterfalls, the majestic and dreamy mountains, and Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) throwing down a taste of his epic wisdoms, saying “Location sometimes becomes a character…” and we could not agree more.

While we wait (impatiently, sorry Mr. Lynch), we’ll just keep watching this haunting trailer with our percolator and dream of the man from another place. And we’re curious to see how the population of our favorite town is still 51,201. Let’s Rock…

(Image via YouTube)