The first time Rory and Jess meet in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is everything we hoped it would be

If you happen to be a diehard Team Jess fan, there’s probably one very important question you have in terms of the Gilmore Girls revival. Like, what happens the first time Rory and Jess meet? Do they run into each other’s arms? Do they throw snowballs at each other from across the gazebo? Does Jess give her one of his iconic glares and strut away? Do they even meet at all? Hint: They totally do.

As always, be ready for spoilers.

Jess’s grand entrance isn’t quite as melodramatic as the options listed above, but that doesn’t mean it’s not poignant. In fact, you Team Jess shippers, the meet-up between Rory and Jess is probably all that a fan with this inclination could hope for.

Here’s how it goes down: In “Summer,” Jess unceremoniously pops into Rory’s new (yet archaic) Star’s Hollow Gazette office.

From there, Rory and Jess get to talking and it’s revealed that they haven’t seen each other in four years. They have a quick, banter-filled catch up before Rory finds herself opening up to him about her distress over the state of her life and career. It is in the immediate moments after that confession that perhaps makes the Jess appearance the most important out of any secondary character in the entire series.

Jess tells Rory this about her "rut" as a writer, "You need to find something to write that you're passionate just got to find that thing that makes you feel, so your readers feel. What makes you feel?"

While Rory tries to dance around the answer, Jess pries further.

He says, "You should write a book...I know what you should write...You should write about you and your mom."

And, as we find out in “Fall,” she ultimately does. That book is (appropriately) called Gilmore Girls and it’s what finally brings Rory back from the brink.

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