Is this the first taste of new music from Katy Perry?

Now that the election is over, Katy Perry is back in the studio and we might have just heard a taste of a brand new song.

While 2016 has been eventful, we were kind of hoping that we might get a new Katy Perry album to ease some of the troublesome times. The singer did release the suitably epic “Rise” for the Olympics and the video was absolutely stunning, however we were convinced that, given that it’s been THREE WHOLE YEARS since the singer released her last album, Prism, that she *might* gift us with a new one.

We do totally understand, however, why Ms. Perry has been slightly busy. The 32-year-old star was an outspoken and keen supporter of Hillary Clinton, and often supported the former Presidential hopeful on the campaign trail. What’s more, the pair also became cute BFFs and Hillary recently surprised Katy at the UNICEF Gala with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award.

Now it seems that Katy Perry is back at being a popstar and we’ve just had a taste of BRAND NEW MUSIC.

Perry shared a video on her Instagram story of herself in the studio and in the background we can hear a very, very short snippet of a new song and it sounds *fire emoji*.

However, this being Katy Perry, that isn’t all we get in the video. No, in fact the singer hilariously revealed that in between sessions she had drawn on her tooth with a sharpie and that it wouldn’t come off… false

From the small snippet, we’ve deduced that Perry is in fact singing “Don’t be scared to die,” which doesn’t sound like the jolliest of lyrics.

The star also shared another video from the studio, and this time the song sounds super psychedelic. false

The videos caused the hashtag #KatyPerryIsComing to trend on Twitter, and, understandably, fans were very, very excited.

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What’s more, it seems that Perry might have just been shooting a music video, too.

According to the Twitter account @FOTPKatyPerry, the singer was on set with Aya Tanimura, the director of the “Unconditionally”, “Roar”, and “Birthday” lyric videos.

Hopefully all of this means that Katy Perry is about to ROAR (gettit?) back on to the music scene in 2017 with a brand new album. And, if she’s already been shooting a music video things could be coming sooner than expected, too.

C’mon Katy, January 1st would be just fine. THANKS.

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