We just heard the first sample of Emma Watson singing in “Beauty and the Beast,” and she’s so good!

Every time a beloved Disney classic is re-made into a live action film, fans have understandable concerns. For example, one key element was conspicuously absent from Beauty and the Beast trailers — music. DON’T WORRY — we can all rest a little easier as we await its March premiere, because the first sample of Emma Watson singing in Beauty and the Beast has emerged. And, proving that there’s nothing Watson can’t do, her vocals are absolutely beautiful.

Although the trailers remain music-less, a Beauty and the Beast Belle doll on sale at Toys “R” Us features Watson singing “Something There.”

OK, so the evidence remains a little scant, but we’ll take it. Listen to the doll and you’ll see what we mean — because the voice is definitely not Paige O’Hara’s (the original Belle).


Beauty and the Beast wouldn’t be complete without music — I mean, can you imagine a version without “Be Our Guest,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and (of course) “Something There”? Neither can we — but props to Disney for keeping us guessing.


A mere snippet of Emma Watson singing “Something There” gave us all the nostalgia feels for our favorite childhood Disney movie — and, although we didn’t think it was possible, we’re now even more excited to see her play Belle on the big screen.

Now, can we please get a sound bite from “Be Our Guest” or “Beauty and the Beast”? Something tells us that Disney is going to keep us waiting until March — but it’ll be more than worth it when we finally get to hear Watson burst into song.

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