The first new Target store just opened, and your last minute Target runs are about to be next level

We all know and love Target. It is the place we all feel most comfortable; the place we all feel happiest. It’s like Disneyland, but if Disneyland was on every corner. Now, Target is spending billions to remodel a handful of their stores, and we finally know what they’ll look like!

The first “next generation” Target store just opened in Richmond, Texas, and the biggest change is the concept of two separate entrances! If you’re making a quick trip to pick up Lisa Frank pajamas, you’ll use one entrance. If you plan on doing some re-decorating and need ample time to browse their home decor collection, you’ll use another.

The easy entrance will offer quick access to grab-and-go food, wine, and beer, more self checkout lines, and a counter for online orders. That easy entrance will surround you with exciting new brands, beauty lines, and clothing — all of the things that trap us when we head into big red! The new stores will also have redesigned parking spaces, with spots for when you’re just quickly driving up if you’ve ordered something online. Target employees will even run the pre-ordered items out to your car for you.

The new concept is a great way to hit all of shoppers’ many needs. Sometimes, you really do just need to get q-tips and get out — but wait, there’s more!

Another cool aspect of the Target stores is a private room for nursing parents. Target has long been a brand that helps to change the way we think of the world, with their gender-neutral bedding and home goods to their respect for nursing moms, so we are happy to give Target all of our money.

The rest of the concept stores will debut by the end of 2020. Fingers crossed that there’s a store near you!

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