This 14-year-old First Nation advocate has a song that will move you to tears

I think we found the hit song of 2016, and it’s not on any charts or sung by any pop star. It’s a song written by 14-year-old Ta’Kaiya Blaney from the Tla’amin First Nation called “Turn the World Around.” While the Tla’amin First Nation is a group of indigenous peoples from just north of Vancouver, Canada, this Saturday Blaney was in Paris, France to perform her song at the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature.

Her song, and the event in general, is all about the changing the world through unity. Not only does it have an important message, it has a catchy tune. We can’t stop singing it to ourselves, which is a good thing, because the more we sing it, the more we realize how we can help the world and make change.

Blaney spoke to Democracy Now! after her performance and explained the inspiration for her song, saying, “I was told by a Haida elder that to turn the world around, you have to turn it upside down.” That means we have to completely change our way of looking at things in order to figure out how to make them better. What better way to do that than unifying and connection with everyone all over the world?

We’re so grateful for Blaney for giving us this inspiration, and for using her amazing talents as a singer and writer to bring some good into the world. Now, everybody go out there and unify to turn this world around!

Listen to the song below!

(Image via YouTube)