Thoughts I had while watching the first ‘Mockingjay Part 2’ clip

Next month, the last installment of The Hunger Games trilogy (plus one) will end with the release of Mockingjay Part 2. It’s going to be hard to get up every single day and remember that there are no more new Hunger Games movies out on the horizon, but if Katniss and Peeta can go into the Hunger Games arena — twice — I think we’ll be able to muster through, too.

As of right now, right this very second, you can start buying tickets to see Mockingjay when it’s released, and you probably should. Tickets are going to go fast. There’s another bonus for buying a ticket early, and it’s that you get a super awesome sneak peak at the movie, too. In the newly released clip, we see Boggs break some news to Katniss and she is NOT COOL with it.

While the clip is short at only about a minuet and a half, it’s already got me crying and sending chills down my spine. Here’s what goes down in those 90 seconds. 1. Opening shot of Katniss as she stares off into distance, thinking about anywhere from 1 – 5,689 different things.

2. Finnick and his dimples then show up. Katniss is just as excited as we are to see him. Love that he’s just carrying around his trident, because why not.

3. There’s talk about a “honeymoon in the Capital,” because Finnick and Annie have just gotten married.

4. The first time you can go ahead and start slowly crying in the clip, because we know all too well that [spoiler alert] Finnick and Annie don’t get that honeymoon.

5. Unless the movies have strayed from the book, and Finnick and Annie DO get to live happily ever after! But probably not.

6. Boggs enters and leads with some good news, like, “each one of you is elite in some form of combat!” But then he quickly mentions, “but we are a non-combat unit.”

7. J. Law’s face:

8. Katniss is shooting Boggs through the heart with a bow and arrow with her EYES.

9. Cressida calls the group the “Star Squad” which sounds like a less-cool Avengers.

10. Katniss is still very much, WTF? These facial expressions are why Lawrence has two Oscar noms, and one win.

11. She’s here to fight, not to follow behind the combat teams in clear areas so Cressida can get some good action shots of her. This is not sitting well with her.

12. Mentions of the mutts. I forgot all about the mutts, and about how much they terrify me.

13. Boggs is still trying to make it sound like Katniss will be in the fight, and she is still NOT BUYING IT.

14. At least Gale is not buying it, either.

15. There’s Finnick, too, who whispers to Katniss, “welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.”


Now that you’re thinking about it, go ahead and buy your own Mockingjay Part 2 ticket, and I’ll see everyone at the movies on November 20th. Oh, and watch the full clip yourself RIGHT HERE.

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