We have our first look at the new ‘Divergent’ movie

Are you ready to see what’s beyond the wall of Chicago? Tris is ready, even if we’re still not so sure about it. Either way, we’re going with her. The brand new trailer for first of the last two Divergent movie, the second of which will feature an all new name (confusing, much?) just dropped, and we’re getting all sorts of goosebumps from it. So settle in, because it’s time to check out what’s going to happen in Allegiant.

The last movie based off of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series has been split into two — come March, we’ll get The Divergent Series: Allegiant, and the following year, Ascendant. But before we dive into where Tris is going, we’ve gotta look back and where she’s been, and everything she’s overcome staring down danger. The new trailer for Allegiant works as a little reminder for us, as we see Tris slowly accept the fact that she herself is a Divergent, and what that means. And of course, that includes fighting off Jeanine Matthews. But just because Jeanine is now gone, it doesn’t mean things are going to be smooth sailing for Tris.

Now with Four by her side, what’s beyond the wall? Eh… some not good stuff. But as Tris says herself, “there’s no turning back.”

The trailer gives us some of the major action we’re going to see in Allegiant, and then at the very last second, who shows up? DAVID. Oh man, there’s really no turning back now. We’re on our way to the end of Tris’ journey.

So if you’re ready for some heavy Divergent feels today, check out the brand new trailer for Allegiant. Be prepared, though, we’re still going to be waiting a while for it. It opens in six months, on March 18, 2016.


(Image via Lionsgate.)

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