Why First Kisses Matter More Than You Think

We’ve all experienced it: that awkward moment at the end of a date, when you’re both contemplating if/when/how the ‘the kiss’ is going to happen. Lots of fidgeting, nervous giggling and coy looks until FINALLY someone dives in. Ahhhh . . . the fabulous but totally frustrating first kiss!

In case there wasn’t enough pressure on these nerve-racking situations already, new evidence shows that the first romantic smooch helps predict a mate’s long-term potential. That’s right. Through smell, taste, and touch we start determining the quality of our kissing partner.

Salon reports, “Scientists speculate that we get a ton of information through the saliva about hormone levels, health and genetic compatibility.” That’s in addition to overall kissing compatibility, of course. Kissing causes chemical reactions in the brain and body—so pay attention to what you feel!

Also interesting: not all cultures embrace mouth-to-mouth contact as their preferred sign of affection. In some ancient Egyptian and current cultures (some Inuit societies for example,) people lick around the face, sniff each other’s breath or even just rub faces as a way to show affection.

And once you select a mate, make sure to keep on kissing! It’s believed that once in a relationship, kissing can help maintain and strengthen your bond over the long haul. So kiss away!

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