The first Indian-American woman has been elected to the House of Representatives, and that’s a big deal!

If you’re feeling a teensy bit apprehensive about the state of women’s rights after last night’s presidential election, you should know that we have some good news to celebrate. Actually, great news.

Cosmo let us know that Washington state Senator Pramilla Jayapal is the first Indian-American woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives!

Yes, she’s one of the many incredible women who made history on election night. Sure, it’s true that women and minorities in politics deal with terrible things sometimes, but this is a definite sign progress is still happening. false

Jayapal left India and came to America when she was just a teenager, making her historical achievement all the more important. It’s the literal embodiment of the American Dream, you guys.

Apart from the fact that her story is inspiring, we dig her because she’s a huge supporter of women’s rights (she beat her male opponent, Brady Walkinshaw, in a landslide victory. NBD).

So look, even if your choice presidential candidate wasn’t chosen, there’s no reason to lose faith in humanity or anything drastic like that.

Women are infiltrating politics and the halls of power everywhere we look, and we look forward to tracking the trajectory of this intelligent lady.