This 11-year-old was the first in his family to graduate elementary school, and he just received a scholarship

We all deserve to read a little feel good material here and there (or all the time, as we like to think at HelloGiggles). There are many different forms these ~feel good~ stories take, but regardless, in today’s politically-charged climate, we all deserve something that makes us happy-cry! Today’s installment comes from Argentina, where an 11-year-old boy named Efraín Delgado became the first person in his family to finish elementary school.

Everyday, Efraín walks an hour with his grandpa to his school in Chaco, Argentina.

And as if this isn’t sweet enough, according to Misiones Online, Efraín received a scholarship for having the highest GPA, which makes it possible for him to continue his education.

The above is LITERALLY us right now after seeing that sweet picture of Efraín and his grandpa. And that’s not the best part!

According to Remezcla,

"The Mejor Promedia scholarship is awarded to Argentine students in primaria, secundaria, terciarios, and universitarios. Efraín said he’d use the scholarship – furnished by Cooperativa de Productores de Yerba Mate Piporé and worth more than $1,000 – to buy books and other tools for school."

Education is a life-changing thing, and for those who don’t have the opportunities granted to so many of us in the U.S., having a scholarship can truly change everything. So now, not only is Efraín the first from his family to graduate from elementary school, but he may also be the first to graduate from middle, high school, and hopefully college.

We’re crossing our fingers this is only the start for him, and we’re wishing him the best of luck in his journey!

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