Our first Glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” is here — kind of

Is there anything more perfect in this imperfect world than the notion of Emma Watson as Belle in the new live action Beauty and the Beast? No, probably not.

Ever since the très belle and haunting teaser was dropped and we got a glimpse of Watson as everyone’s favorite yellow-frocked bookworm reaching for that enchanted rose, the anticipation for Disney’s latest live action has been building. The genius minds at Disney have given us one more spoonful of sugar to help the medicine of our day-to-day lives go down.

In a new behind-the-scenes sneak peek, we get to see Watson and her handsome co-star, Dan Stevens, at a cast reading exchanging some witty repartee. The two are talking about something that is pretty standard Belle — whether or not the book about King Arthur Beast is reading is a romance or an adventure. You can already feel the chemistry between these two and they aren’t in Belle and Beast mode!


The sneak-peek also discusses how CGI is finally at a point where a live-action Beauty and the Beast can be done right — and  you can observe how cool Cogsworth and Lumière look after you replay the banter between Belle and the Beast a few (thousand) times.


A much longer sneak-peek will be released on September 6th, which just happens to be the day the OG animated Beauty and the Beast is re-released. The live action movie opens on March 17th, 2017, and it looks like there are going to be a lot of enchanted roses in your future.

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