Five “Ghost in the Shell” teasers were released with Scarlett Johansson, and we have questions

If you’ve been geeking out over the upcoming futuristic, cybercrime movie Ghost in the Shell, we have some very good news for you.

Paramount released five, 10 second teasers today to give us all a little taste of what’s to come. And turns out, we’re still confused AF.

Take a look!

Phew. Let’s go for round two.

"What are you?" seems like a perfectly acceptable question!


"This is just the beginning."

Ahhhhhh. We have so many burning questions, like:


In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re excited to see the story of Ghost in the Shell unfold – because it’s about elite cybercrime, and who in their right mind wouldn’t be into that?

And it should definitely be noted that there has been some controversy over this film, specificallybecause it’s a live-action adaptation of a well-known Japanese manga comic book. Yet, Johansson — an obviously white actress — was cast in the lead role in just another case of the industry white-washing previously diverse projects.

Despite the (tbh, deserved) negativity surrounding Johansson’s casting, it certainly looks like an interesting role for a female protagonist, and we’re super curious to see how it all lands.

H/T Entertainment Weekly