The first flying car just hit the market, and the future is finally here

While Back To The Future Part II misled us about real hover boards being everywhere by 2015, we still are holding out hope for a future where flying transpo is the daily norm. Of course we’re trying not to get our hopes up, but this development from Slovakia seems too legit to ignore. Why? Because the first flying car just hit the market, and the future is finally here.

A company called AeroMobil unveiled their creation this April, showing all of us just how cool our lives can be if we just tried. The first flying car looks like an eco friendly pod on wheels. A cross between a smart-car and a tiny airplane.

If you’re jumping up from your seat in celebration, you might want to hold off for a little bit.

As always, there is a catch…

Each one of these amazing futuristic vehicles will cost you $1.2 million, and require you to have a pilot’s license. So as much as you want to be Doc Brown, you will have to save up for a pretty long time. Not to mention learn how to fly a plane.

But do not get discouraged! The technology is there! Not only is this a real flying car, it’s pretty great for the environment. The machine is equipped with a hybrid engine as well as a rear propeller. But the coolest part? The wings fold back like an insect!

So how would this even work?

Many people are asking how this technology will be used. According to the creators, the idea is to basically have these flying cars be the Uber of the sky. The goal is to eventually be able to hail one of them through your smartphone — just like a cab. Imagine the travel time that will cut down in cities like Los Angeles? But with the waitlist of 2-3 years, it might be a while before we see one of these in our own sky.

Still, it’s great to know there’s something, especially a flying car, to look forward to!