The first female Jedi Masters are now at Disneyland. We bow down.

Meet Karymis Mar-Klaar and Mavishall Helline. While their names might not roll right off the tongue, you’re going to want to remember them. They’re the first two female Jedi Masters at Disneyland.

Whoa, what? Jedi Masters? Disneyland? You read that all correctly. Every day Disneyland puts on its Jedi Training Academy show, where young padawans sign up and learn how to fight the dark side — but the padawans have to be between the ages of 4 and 12, so sorry if I just dashed anyone’s dreams.

While the show has been operating for well over 10 years, the Jedi Master at the helm has always been male. What gives? Not to pull Kimmy Schmidt into this, but “females are strong as hell,” and can fight a Sith Lord just as well as anyone else. The Star Wars universe actually has a whole bunch of female Jedi Masters (including its standout young padawan, Ahsoka) so it’s about time that Disneyland caught onto this.

Enter, Karymis Mar-Klaar and Mavishall Hellin.

These two new Masters made their debut at the beginning of May, and we couldn’t be more excited. Disney World in Florida has had a female Jedi Master in its rotation for a while, but still. For a show that sometimes happens 15 times a day, every 50 minutes, you’d think there might be a little bit stronger of a female presence. Now on the West Coast, there is. Hopefully this means we might even get some amazing Star Wars toys that don’t involve Slave Leia?

Tumblr user piratelyssa was the one who brought this to our attention, via this post:

If you want to check out an overload of cute kids waving lightsabers around in the air, you can watch all of Mavishall’s video here, until you make the trip to California to see her for yourself. The force is most definitely strong with both these two.

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