The internet is sharing insanely relatable “first day of freshman year” vs. “first day of senior year” college memes

No matter how old you are, there’s a good chance you remember that unmistakable “first day of school” feeling. And if you went off to college, away from home for the first time, those emotions were probably magnified tenfold (dorm life is definitely an experience).

As back to school season rapidly approaches, the Twittersphere is sharing “first day of freshman year of college” vs. “first day of senior year” memes, and they’re so real it hurts. Seriously—so many of us can relate to these perfect and LOL-worthy photos and captions…for better or for worse.

Just take a look.

Getting up for class that first day is a decidedly different experience.

As is your level of organization.

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As your first day of school outfit? Well…

Even walking into class feels different.

Making friends also changes.


We told you—relatable AF.

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