11 jokes anyone who has been on a terrible first date will find funny

Awkward/terrible/unbearable first dates are a right of passage. We all have at least one story to tell. (Unless you’re one of those insanely lucky people who meets their soul mate after one date and never has to swim into the murky waters of the dating pool… but we’ll just ignore your existence for now.)


Well, misery loves company, and the following tweets about horrible first dates will remind those of us on that prowl for a mate that we are not alone.

1. Take note: This is a universal faux-pas

2. At least this date was memorable?

3. Your television taste says a lot about you

4. Maybe the little brother is single?


5. Location, location, location

6. Ooof.

7. Is chivalry dead?

8. That’s one way to avoid a bad date


9. Let’s agree to disagree. We think there’s definitely a lesson here.

10. Some people look at first dates more optimistically than the rest of us…


11. Some bad dates have a happy ending!

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