7 totally accurate thoughts we all have before a first date

Getting ready for a first date can be equally exciting and nerve-wracking. You’re basically about to interview someone for the position of “soulmate,” while knowing that you’re under the same scrutiny. Here are some of the thoughts you might have while preparing for a first date:

1. What outfit says, “I’m cool,” but also, “I’m normal”?


2. Do I need to shave my legs?


3. How much pre-date Facebook stalking is too much pre-date Facebook stalking?


4. Should I wear red lipstick or keep my look “natural”?


5. How do I know my date isn’t a serial killer?


6. Is it weird if I bring a condom and pepper spray? Can never be too prepared.


7. Will I fall in love, or will I finally decide to quit dating forever?


Any of these sound familiar? Check out our video for more thoughts you have getting ready for a first date.

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