The first clip of ‘Jurassic World’ is full of crazy tension (and Chris Pratt)

Jurassic World, which comes out in theaters June 12th, is one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the summer, and there’s a million reasons why —one of them being CHRIS freakin’ PRATT, who plays Owen Grady, a dinosaur behavior researcher. While a second trailer for Jurassic World hasn’t been released yet, we DO have this 1 1/2 minute-long clip to hold us over.

In the super brief scene from the movie, we’re introduced to Owen and his relationship with Claire Dearing, a rep for the company that owns Jurassic Park. Claire asks Owen to help gauge the vulnerability of the park’s structure (so, uh, dinosaurs can’t take over and start eating human people —we kinda already know how that goes, though), and Owen gives Claire an answer she probably didn’t want: “It’s probably easier to pretend these animals are just numbers on a spreadsheet. But they’re not. They’re alive. You might have made them in a test-tube, but they don’t know that.” Dun, dun, DUN.

Also, judging by their conversation, it looks like Owen already tried taking Claire out on a date, and Claire didn’t really return those love-y vibes. Will the two fall in love in a hopeless place (aka, Jurassic World)? We’ll just have to find out in June. But in the meantime, scope out the quick clip!

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