Here’s everything we know about the scary fireworks accident in Mexico

According to reports, earlier today there was an explosion at a fireworks factory in Mexico that has so far killed almost 30 people and left dozens more injured.

The explosion happened in Tultepec, Mexico, located roughly 25 miles north of Mexico City. As of right now, no one is sure how the accident occurred, let alone where it started, and the police in the area will spend the next few days trying to figure out what caused this deadly explosion.

Those on the ground near the explosion could see huge clouds of billowing smoke rising high into the sky, along with the sound of thousands of fireworks. We can only imagine how scary and confusing this whole situation might have been. The scene of the explosion is graphic and might be triggering for some, so we’re not going to post it here; however, there are videos of it on social media.

Currently, the Red Cross is on the scene trying to help out those injured and affected by the blast. At the time of writing, USA Today is reporting that 27 people have died with more than 70 injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Tultepec right now.